What you need to know about refund requests

We do not expect that our plugin solution will work for everyone on the planet, so even though we pride ourselves on creating a useful product, we know that one size does not fit all.

How do refunds work?

Before requesting a refund, (even before purchasing,) we assume you have tested the plugin within our Admin Demo (free trial run), using the discount parameters you intend to use the plugin for after purchase. This will save you many headaches, and allow you to troubleshoot without spending money. By the time you buy and install on your site, you already know how to set it up and this saves you time.

When requesting a refund

Please ensure that the following conditions are met so that you can be eligible:

  • You are within the first 7 business days of the original purchase of the plugin.
  • Your server met the requirements needed for the item to function properly e.g. WooCommerce is installed and activated.
  • You have used the item for its intended function and purpose (check the item description), e.g. is the item meant to be compatible with your WordPress software version?
  • You have purchased, installed and tested the plugin in your site, and have found that it will not work for your business or required setup.
  • You have read the accompanying item’s installation guide and documentation, and followed the steps outlined for setting up the plugin in it. You have also read the tutorials we provide (and update from time to time).
  • You have contacted our support and allowed us to attempt to solve your issues. We were unable to resolve your issue, or you have explained why the plugin will not work for you.
  • You agree to disable the plugin and uninstall from your site if the refund request is granted.
  • You agree that:
    1. we only honor refund requests at our sole discretion.
    2. before granting the request, you must give us access to troubleshoot the issue, if we deem it necessary.
    3. by buying the plugin from our site, you have accepted that this refund policy stands and you relinquish any rights to subject this policy to any questions, judgment or legal action.
    4. we can not be held liable to cover any exchange rates difference between the time you purchased the plugin and the time you get refunded.
    5. we reserve the right to update this policy at any time, without prior notice to you or any entity, as we deem fit for our company.

How to request a refund

Simply write to us via our live chat, stating the reason for a refund.

What if the purchased item is no longer available?

There are a number of different reasons why an item may be removed from the market and are therefore no longer available for download.
We recommend that you download and save an item as soon as you buy it, but if the item was removed before you had a chance to download it, refer the issue to us to check if you’re eligible for a refund.